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Mr Chow Unveils Debut Fashion Line: Where Culinary Expertise Meets Style

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Renowned for its delectable Beijing cuisine and A-list clientele, the iconic restaurant Mr Chow is now venturing into the world of fashion with its inaugural clothing collection.

This limited-edition line features a range of apparel, including T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and joggers, all meticulously crafted in black and white colorways. Each garment is pre-shrunk to ensure a perfect fit, adorned with the signature Mr Chow logo on the front and showcasing evocative artwork on the back, including Helmut Newton’s iconic 1997 piece, ‘Doctor M. Chow, Operating.’

In a nod to art and celebrity culture, the collection also includes designs featuring the famed portrait of Michael Chow by Andy Warhol, taken in 1985. Mr Chow collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation to license these unique pieces, available on white and black hoodies.

Helmed by founders Michael and Vanessa Chow, the collection was brought to life with the expertise of Henry Viens and Liza Perez of Doheny Drive, a luxury apparel manufacturing and marketing company based in Los Angeles. Vanessa Chow, the driving force behind the project, described the collection as a labor of love infused with admiration for fashion and art, aiming to redefine luxury and make a lasting impact on the fashion world.

Available at select Mr Chow locations and online at, this debut fashion line represents a fusion of culinary excellence and artistic expression, setting the stage for future collections and collaborations that promise to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.