About US

  At Urock Media we are committed to providing our audience all over the world with a platform where they can read quality magazine monthly (U-rock magazine), listen to radio stations of their choice and watch their favorite TV stations around the world. 
We have made it easy on our platform for people all over the world to locate and access radio and TV stations of their choice using our mobile app.
With U-Rock Media Mobile App you can access hundreds of Radio and TV Stations around the world and also read our personal development/lifestyle magazine.
With thousands of radio and TV stations worldwide people can now get connected to the radio and TV stations of their choice just by having a medium/platform that supports internet radio and TV streaming. 
Urock Media Platform will give you  access to quality Radio and TV stations around the world focused on Entertainment, News, Talk shows, Business/Economy and lot’s more.
We are exploring the growing online radio and TV Stations each day and we plan to add many more radio and TV stations.
Our goal is to give our audience all over the world access to quality entertainment, information and education.
About U-ROCK Magazine
U-rock Magazine is  amazing, it is a magazine for all seasons, it helps to validate excellence and promotes hard work.
Great achievers with outstanding and mind blowing success are being  celebrated in a peculiar way. This is a great way of instilling hard work and success in our next generation of children especially our black children.  U-Rock magazine is passionate about a lot of things like, youthpreneurship, a great content Recipe for great Success, Career guidance, Book reviews, Latest happenings in Fashion, Events,  How to Stay Healthy, Kids Zone, Love Affairs which is segmented into different parts like, (How to Sustain your marriage, falling and staying in love, how to recover from heart break and way forward) Enriching your soul spiritually is also a huge thing.
U-rock  is a seasoned Magazine that cuts across all works of life with dedicated team work. I tell you, you are sure in the right place.