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Ebay Introduces Livestream Shopping Experience in the UK

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Ebay is set to revolutionize online shopping in the UK with its debut livestream shopping event scheduled for May 1st.

Comedian Katherine Ryan, alongside Ebay’s pre-loved style director Amy Bannerman, will host an engaging livestream featuring a curated selection of fashion pieces from Ryan’s personal wardrobe.

Viewers will have the opportunity to purchase Ryan’s pre-loved fashion items in real-time, including outfits she has showcased on stage during her comedy shows and on the red carpet for her Netflix series, ‘The Duchess’. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Women’s Health Information and Support Centre charity.

All items will be conveniently available for immediate purchase through vintage retailer Messina Hembry’s Ebay store, alongside a curated collection of second-hand pieces, ranging from sequin dresses to oversized blazers and statement bomber jackets.

The Ebay Live launch event will showcase exclusive archive pieces, including Tasha Ghouri’s iconic finale dress from the Love Island wardrobe, handpicked by Bannerman.

Expressing her excitement about the event, Ryan stated, “I’ve always enjoyed being playful with clothes and am known for my sense of style, so I’m really excited to be partnering with eBay to clear out my wardrobe now that there are no fashion fees to sell pre-loved fashion. I’m always dressing up for events and am a huge fan of buying and selling on eBay to find fashion gems.”

This initiative follows Ebay’s recent announcement of eliminating fees for individual sellers of pre-owned clothing, aiming to promote circular shopping practices across the UK.