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Trends from Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 (IMFW24), held from April 25th to 27th, showcased a vibrant array of styles that highlighted the growing influence of modestfashion on mainstream wardrobes. Described by Ozlem Sahin Ertas, CEO of Modest Fashion Weeks by Think Fashion Co, as “one of the boldest fashion trends globally,” the event featured 25 fashion shows and 29 brand booths, attracting designers, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world.

Diverse Participation

The fashion week presented labels from 14 countries, including Akkoia from Australia, Niharika Momtaz from Bangladesh, Mirah from Canada, MRGD from Egypt, and many more. This international lineup underscored the global appeal and diversity of modest fashion.

#### Themed Collections
This year’s theme, “A Unique Fashion Call for Solidarity,” resonated throughout the event. The guest of honor, Palestinian haute couture label Sineen, showcased a collection titled “From Dust to Light,” featuring evening gowns and bridal dresses in the colors of the Palestinian flag, symbolizing hope and peace.

#### Neutral and Golden Tones
Several collections embraced neutral and gold tones. Mishah from South Africa, Mirah from Canada, Terzi Dükkanı, and Rafaello from Turkey, and Sedžda Zukorlić from Serbia showcased elegant pieces in whites, blacks, nudes, silver, and gold. These collections featured a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, focusing on timeless elegance and cultural heritage.

#### Bold and Colorful Collections
In contrast, labels like MRGD from Egypt, Serpil from Turkey, and Citizens of the World from the USA opted for bold and colorful designs. Serpil’s collection featured long, loose dresses and suits with tied waists, while Citizens of the World played with fun beachwear designs. Pakistani designer Ahsan Nazir’s collection, inspired by Lahore’s architecture, focused on various shades of pink, creating a soft and feminine look.

#### Stand-Out Elements
Fashion By Shehna, Benang Jarum, Chee, Miha, and Nada Puspita offered unique elements in their collections. Fashion By Shehna used interesting face accessories, Benang Jarum incorporated big flowers and stripes, Miha’s dreamy collection featured pastels, lace, florals, and bows, and Chee’s collection included a mix of suits, traditional elements, and bold hair accessories. Nada Puspita showcased a majestic collection with small flowers, embroideries, and gold tones in muted greens and burgundies.

#### Influencers on the Runway
Modest fashion icons and influencers like Halima Aden, Rawdah Mohamed, Fatma Husam, and Niki Shah graced the runways. Halima Aden walked for Buttonscarves in an off-white piece and for Marina in a blue printed burkini with a kimono. Rawdah Mohamed wore a silk piece with contrasting colors by Imannoor, Fatma Husam showcased Akkoia’s floral dress in pastel pink, and Niki Shah presented Hukka Design’s colorful collection in all black.

#### Conclusion
Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 highlighted the versatility and global appeal of modest fashion, from elegant neutrals to vibrant colors and unique designs. This year’s event not only celebrated fashion but also promoted solidarity and cultural diversity, setting the stage for modest fashion to continue influencing mainstream trends.