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Is This the Resurgence of Designer John Galliano?

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At this year’s Met Gala, the spotlight was undeniably on John Galliano, despite his physical absence. Galliano’s iconic designs graced the red carpet, worn by high-profile attendees like co-chairs Zendaya and Bad Bunny, as well as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Gwendoline Christie.

Galliano’s influence continues to thrive, with film director Greta Gerwig donning Margiela couture at the Cannes Film Festival. Celebrity stylists are increasingly turning to his archival designs from Givenchy and Dior. His triumphant return was marked by the acclaimed Maison Margiela haute couture show in Paris last January, reaffirming his status at the pinnacle of the fashion world. In an industry now dominated by commercial pragmatism, Galliano remains a rare visionary.

Galliano’s career faced a major setback in 2011 following antisemitic remarks, leading to his dismissal from Dior. Over the past decade, he has sought forgiveness and made reparations, a journey documented in Kevin MacDonald’s “High and Low.” Supported by industry titan Anna Wintour, Galliano’s redemption arc seems complete, though a Galliano-themed Met Gala was considered too controversial.

Rumors suggest Galliano might soon take on a role at a major fashion house, with Kering’s Balenciaga and LVMH’s Givenchy mentioned as possibilities. This potential move signifies his full reintegration into the fashion elite.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins alongside Alexander McQueen, Galliano defined an era of fashion known for its dramatic storytelling and immersive experiences. His mastery of the bias cut and use of unconventional materials set him apart. With Renzo Rosso of Diesel and Maison Margiela having brought him back into the spotlight, Galliano now appears poised for even greater ventures.