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Elle Fanning’s Transparent Dress: A Fashion Legacy

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Elle Fanning made a striking appearance at Monday night’s Met Gala in a completely transparent Balmain gown, continuing a 60-year legacy of the “naked dress.” Crafted from organza and hand-covered with four layers of resin, the gown created a glass-like effect that left Fanning looking radiant and delicate.

The naked dress, characterized by its see-through nature and strategic embellishments, has become a staple on red carpets and runways. Fanning wasn’t alone in embracing this bold style; celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, Doja Cat, and Eddie Redmayne also sported sheer outfits at the event.

This daring fashion choice dates back to 1962 when Hollywood star Carroll Baker wore one of the first naked dresses, also designed by Balmain. Baker’s version featured embellished pasties and a sheer torso panel, turning heads and making headlines. Her appearance in the dress at the premiere of “The Carpetbaggers” in London caused a sensation, with tabloids highlighting her near-topless look.

Balmain’s transparent dresses were among the first high-fashion naked dresses to gain widespread attention. The 1960s saw rapid changes in women’s fashion, influenced by the sexual liberation movement and the introduction of the contraceptive pill. Designers like Mary Quant and Edie Sedgwick pushed boundaries with scandalous mini skirts and bold styles.

Despite initial controversy, the naked dress has persisted, evolving with fashion trends while maintaining its core appeal. Fanning’s Met Gala look, though less controversial than Baker’s, demonstrated that the allure of the naked dress remains strong, celebrating both the garment’s history and its ongoing relevance in fashion.

As Elle Fanning and other stars continue to embrace this daring style, the naked dress remains a testament to fashion’s power to challenge norms and celebrate individuality.