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Airline Exposure Strategy You Should Start Implementing in your Business Right Away

Airline companies  have  a  strategy  which  I will call the “Exposure-Strategy“. Here’s how the strategy is deployed…

For people who board Airplanes, you must have noticed something, most of the Airplanes on board has two  doors but Airline  owners will allow all passengers (both economy & business class) pass through the business class door.

Do you know why? 

This is a deliberate move to make the ECONOMY passengers catch a glimpse of the premium lifestyle that the BUSINESS class passengers enjoy, in order to create a desire for future patronage of BUSINESS CLASS. I hope you got this??? I repeat, they are creating DESIRE for them to use the VIP class.

This is same strategy most Nigerians Celebrities adopt. They display or sing about a lifestyle people desire just to get more followers and people buy into it!

Pay Tv companies like DSTV; when you first buy a dish, they give you free access to the highest bouquet just to expose you to interesting channels that will make you stuck with that bouquet.

How can a small business adopt this model? 

Let me help answer with my own business. When clients contract me to write a Business Plan I assess their own plan, go beyond just writing the plan, but offer them financial advisory service that will help their business (or proposed business) profitable.

Most times I’d have to rework the plan. Note that finance advisory service is an entirely different service. But here’s the catch when the plan succeeds, they will come back for more advisory service. I’ve simply created a DESIRE!

If you run a business that sell video courses, when customers buy a cheap course you can give them glimpse of a 5-10mins free access of your premium course. In no time, they are most likely to upgrade.

Also, for those in the snacks business, when customers  buy let’s say chin-chin give them a bonus of a small one-bite package of sharwama.

“Some customers will never patronize your premium product unless you expose  it to them”.

© Moses Adeyemi

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