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Timberland Unveils New Hospitality Footwear Line to Recognize Industry Heroes

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Timberland PRO, renowned for its line of footwear and apparel catering to skilled trade professionals, has expanded its offerings with the introduction of hospitality footwear. The esteemed New Hampshire-based brand unveiled its latest Burbank collection, designed to provide comfort, durability, and performance tailored to individuals working in the hospitality sector.

In collaboration with TikTok chef Cassie Yeung, Timberland PRO hosted an exclusive pizza-making event at Little Charli’s pizzeria in Manhattan to celebrate the launch. Attendees were given the opportunity to select between slip-on or lace-up versions of the all-black, stain-resistant style from the Burbank collection while participating in a Pizza Margherita crafting session under Yeung’s expert guidance.

FashionUnited spoke with Ryan Murphy, Brand Marketing Director at Timberland, to delve into the inspiration behind the new category and the meticulous design process. Murphy emphasized the brand’s longstanding commitment to delivering premium and innovative footwear tailored to meet the rigorous demands of trade professionals.

Prior to the official launch, Timberland PRO conducted rigorous wear testing to ensure that the footwear met industry safety standards while offering the comfort and durability essential for professionals in the hospitality sector. The Burbank collection boasts innovative features such as metal- and mutilation-free canvas, moisture-wicking linings made of recycled plastic, and a Gripmax Rubber Outsole engineered to enhance slip resistance in kitchen environments.

Looking ahead, Timberland PRO aims to collaborate with corporations and national hospitality chains to integrate the footwear into work uniforms, further supporting skilled professionals in the industry.

The choice of a pizza-making event as the launch activity was deliberate, providing guests with the opportunity to test the product’s features in a real-world setting. The partnership with Cassie Yeung, a respected figure in the culinary world and social media, underscores Timberland PRO’s commitment to engaging with diverse audiences and showcasing its new offerings.

With its focus on comfort, durability, and performance, the Burbank collection from Timberland PRO is poised to make a significant impact in the hospitality sector, honoring the hard work and dedication of unsung heroes in the industry.