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Discovering Milan’s Vintage Gems: A Fashionista’s Guide

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Milan, long revered as a fashion capital, is not just about the latest trends but also a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts. Vogue’s curated guide takes you through the best vintage boutiques in the city, where timeless fashion finds await.

1. **Madame Pauline Vintage**: Nestled in Foro Buonaparte, this cavernous wonderland beckons vintage lovers with its eclectic collection. From socialites to It girls, everyone finds something to covet here.

2. **Cavalli e Nastri Vintage**: Step into fashion history at Cavalli e Nastri, where every piece tells a story. From 1920s hats to 1990s Versace, this boutique is a must-visit for designers and stylists alike.

3. **Franco Jacassi Vintage Delirium**: Immerse yourself in vintage bliss at this courtyard gem. With an extensive collection of clothing, fabrics, buttons, and more, it’s a paradise for fashion aficionados.

4. **Vincent Vintage Bijoux**: Delve into the world of vintage jewelry at Vincent Vintage Bijoux. From Georgian pieces to British styles, every accessory tells a tale of glamour.

5. **Groupies**: Embrace your rebellious side at Groupies, where street style reigns supreme. Whether it’s the 1990s or 2000s, this shop has something for every nonconformist.

6. **PWC Milano**: Catering to club kids and fashion enthusiasts alike, PWC Milano offers a unique blend of styles. From silk slip dresses to leather looks, it’s a haven for the fashion-forward.

7. **Lipstick Vintage**: Transport yourself to another era at Lipstick Vintage. With a flamboyant selection of ready-to-wear creations and accessories, it’s a playground for the romantic at heart.

8. **Bivio**: More than just a vintage store, Bivio allows you to buy and sell designer pieces. With its unique concept, it’s a favorite among fashionistas looking to refresh their wardrobes.

9. **20134Lambrate**: Mixing eras seamlessly, 20134Lambrate offers a diverse selection of garments and accessories. Step inside and explore a world where vintage meets contemporary.

10. **Lo Specchio Di Alice**: Step through the looking glass at Lo Specchio Di Alice, where the 1960s never ended. With a vast array of fashion memorabilia, it’s a true explorer’s paradise.

11. **Humana Vintage Milan**: Embrace sustainable fashion at Humana, where secondhand clothes support humanitarian projects. From the ’60s to the present day, it’s a journey through fashion history.

12. **Sous Vintage Shop**: Located in the Navigli district, Sous Vintage Shop takes second-hand fashion to the next level. Explore collections and events by indie creatives, and discover the beauty of upcycled fashion.

In Milan, vintage isn’t just about the past—it’s a celebration of timeless style and creativity that transcends trends. Explore these hidden gems and uncover fashion treasures that will elevate your wardrobe to new heights.