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Thom Browne Debuts Luxurious Bedding Collection in Collaboration with Frette

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Renowned New York-based designer Thom Browne has extended his signature preppy style into the realm of home interiors through an exclusive collaboration with the esteemed Italian heritage brand, Frette.

Unveiled at Milan Design Week, the partnership showcases a stunning collection of opulent bed and bath accessories. Browne’s classic aesthetic, characterized by clean lines and a sophisticated color palette of grey and white, permeates the entire range, which features luxurious fabrics like white cotton sateen and cashmere.

Reflecting Browne’s commitment to timeless elegance, the collection exudes a sense of uniformity and understated luxury. Speaking to the Financial Times, Browne expressed his affinity for the concept, stating, “I find true confidence in the idea of uniformity. The world today is so fast, but I like the exact opposite.”

The collection includes meticulously crafted duvet cover sets and sheets, treated with Frette’s traditional method renowned for their exceptional softness and subtle sheen. Each piece is adorned with Browne’s signature four lines embroidered in grey, adding a touch of sophistication. Additionally, the collection features a luxurious cashmere bathrobe inspired by Browne’s iconic trench coat design, complete with the brand’s distinctive white grosgrain ribbon detailing in red and blue.

Complementing the bedding and bath essentials are accessories such as a plush gym towel and chic beach bag, both adorned with Browne’s iconic grey bars, crafted from soft cotton terry.

Filippo Arnaboldi, CEO of Frette, praised Browne’s design aesthetic for seamlessly integrating with the brand’s craftsmanship. To showcase the collection, Browne will present a surrealistic installation titled “Time to Sleep” at the Palazzina Appiani during Milan Design Week, where models will perform amidst six elegantly dressed beds.

Thom Browne’s collaboration with Frette marks a union of two iconic brands, offering discerning consumers a luxurious and sophisticated approach to home decor.