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The power of positivity

Positive thinking is an engine optimisation,  it helps kick start  your mental and physical concept each day. Self talk is a great tool, when it comes to staying positive. It is not easy staying positive in a world that is so stressful,  where the natural things that we met as normal is been turned up side down and the effect is so enormous. Despite all the chaos life must be lived because we are already been born,  I have not heard of anyone exiting because of situation on ground instead ways have to be made around negative occurrences.

How you start your day matters a great deal, the song you sing when your eyes magnets the sumptuous dawning of a new day, will determine the frequency of that whole day.  So always start with a positive mind,  the impact is huge because it goes a long way, create an imagery fun filled day that you will want to have.  Set out by having an open mind, after all it is a brand new day with a blank cheque and a golden pen in your hands. Have you ever wondered why children learn so fast? It fascinates me when i see how infants learn so quickly, another thing that came banging in my mind is, how open their minds are, the eagerness to absorb every information and the readiness to put every disjointed puzzle together also bear in mind that they made themselves available to learn something new.

Positive mind magnets a lot of both self motivations and self doings. It is not enough for you to think positively,  that only opens part of the door,  self doings and reactions is also a major one because as we know that life is 10% of what happens to us and 90 percent of how we react to things that happens, always have it in mind that people are faced with challenges daily but the choice of how we respond lies on us, maybe positively or negatively. Also remember that life is designed in a peculiar way,  that is why the saying that says that life does not happen to you but for you goes a long way to be true. Author Byron Katie puts it this way “life is simple.

Everything happens at the right and as a child of God, because I believe in God almighty which says that there is a time and season and life actually works in that principle.

Do not feel stuck when negative things happen to you, it is part of life plan, you might be thinking that I don’t understand what you are going through,  yes I do because I go through stuff as well,  i have just been suspended from a i love and cherish so much for something I did with the intention of moving my job and the office forward,  but here i am being punished, how are mine supposed to react? That is life for you and it has to continue. Don’t be stymied by things like disappointments,  hate self doubt and distractions. They will surely come but don’t let it keep you in one place. I assure you that positive thinking is a great tool that will help you live a full filled life. Learn this fast that you do not always wait for people to motivate you,  because those people have their own lives to live as well, I implore you to do something meaningful with yourself and now is the best time. You can start from somewhere.  Stay blessed till the next edition.





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