You are currently viewing Mojisola Oyedele’s Bold Transition from Oil & Gas to Leading Cybersecurity at JP Morgan

Mojisola Oyedele’s Bold Transition from Oil & Gas to Leading Cybersecurity at JP Morgan

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In a dynamic career landscape, Mojisola bravely shifted from an oil and gas analyst to a cybersecurity expert at JP Morgan. . She acknowledges Nigeria’s need for proactive cyber fraud measures.

Mojisola’s career change was driven by a desire for a role that demanded constant innovation and problem-solving. She found this in the tech industry, particularly in cybersecurity, which allowed her to develop impactful, tech-driven solutions that evolve with industry needs.

During the oil and gas industry crisis, Mojisola faced a hiring freeze, prompting her to reassess her career and pivot to cybersecurity. Her skills in strategic planning and risk management from the oil sector were directly applicable in her new role at JP Morgan, particularly in identifying vulnerabilities and implementing security strategies.

Mojisola emphasizes the need for continuous learning and adaptation in her career. She advises those transitioning into tech to showcase their problem-solving abilities, particularly through platforms like GitHub and LinkedIn, to enhance job prospects in the ever-growing fields of cybersecurity and cloud security.

In cybersecurity, Mojisola is captivated by the constant evolution of cyber threats and the need for innovative defense strategies, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence in security solutions. She highlights phishing as a prevalent threat and recommends a multi-layered defense approach, including employee education, advanced email filtering, a culture of security awareness, and simulated phishing exercises.

To combat cyber fraud in Nigeria, Mojisola advises financial institutions to adopt advanced cybersecurity measures, conduct regular staff training, and educate customers on digital safety. Individuals should also practice cyber mindfulness, using complex passwords, updating software, and being cautious with personal information online.

As a woman in cybersecurity, Mojisola advocates for promoting diversity by highlighting gender gaps, offering support systems, valuing diverse perspectives, and encouraging women to pursue careers in this field. This involves emphasizing educational and training programs, mentorship opportunities, networking platforms, and the appreciation of women’s unique contributions to cybersecurity.