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K-Way Partners with Marcolin to Launch Exciting Eyewear Line

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K-Way, renowned for its stylish rain jackets, is set to make a splash in the eyewear market through a groundbreaking partnership with Marcolin. The French fashion brand, owned by BasicNet SpA, is embarking on a new venture, stepping into the realm of eyewear design with Marcolin at its side.

Under an exclusive licensing agreement, Marcolin will take charge of designing, producing, and globally distributing a range of K-Way branded eyewear, including sunglasses, optical frames, ski goggles, and eyewear for children. This strategic collaboration marks a significant expansion for both parties.

Scheduled to commence on January 1, 2025, and extend until December 31, 2030, this six-year partnership signifies a long-term commitment to excellence. The inaugural collection is slated to launch in spring/summer 2025, followed by a worldwide rollout through a select network of retail outlets.

Marcolin’s statement underscores the significance of this move, emphasizing its intent to strengthen its presence in the lifestyle sector while broadening its portfolio of licenses. Stay tuned as K-Way and Marcolin redefine fashion and functionality in the world of eyewear.