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An Exclusive Interview With Jibue Omorhirhi

1. Tell us about yourself, growing up and educational background?

My name is Jibue Omorhirhi aka Jibby west. I am an Entrepreneur, stylist, costume designer and Wardrobe consultant. I am the last of four children but I was never spoiled. Pampered yes but spoilt no. My parents made sure we grew up in a God loving environment. My siblings and I all went to the same primary school (Chrisland). I remember having four birthdays each year because I had to have my own cake and dress up instead of being in my uniform anytime my older ones had a birthday. It’s one of the few things my parents allowed me to indulge in. I loved playing dress up in my mums closet and my love for fashion was born. I proceeded to Queens college for my secondary education. I wanted to study fashion in university but my dad said I had to get a ‘normal’ degree first. I studied Business Management in Brunel University London then proceeded to Northumbria University (School of Design) where I obtained a Master of Arts degree in Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship.

2. You are a fashion entrepreneur, tell us how you developed passion for fashion business and how long you have been in the business?

I was born into the fashion industry. My mum always had good taste and was selling clothes from our yard before she opened Indigo Boutique. I would go there everyday after school to help out and I realized immediately that I loved styling people. I started officially working with my mum in 2013 after moving back to Nigeria to complete my youth service. In 2015, I opened my own branch in Lekki phase 1.

3. Is fashion business a family business?

You can say it is a family business even though my mum has retired now. She still helps out once in a while so she can meet new people and gist with old customers.

4. Tell us your challenges and success so far in business?

The pandemic happened and the whole world was on lockdown. We hadn’t started selling online so it really affected the business. Instagram helped a lot. You really have no idea how much social media plays a part in the success of a business. 

5. Can you tell us individuals and companies you have worked with?

While I was in the UK, I worked with celebrity stylist Masha Mombelli during London Fashion week. I worked with Guinness NG for their smooth tribe campaign. I styled Agba, Fireboy, Yagazie and Beverly Naya. I style Pearl Cardy of Soundcitytv for most of her TV shows including Top10 Nigeria. I have styled Niyola on many occasions as her personal stylist. I’ve worked with her for different looks for her album cover, birthday shoots and more. I styled Omowunmi Akinnifesi for her interview with Vanguard Allure which included the cover and full page spread.I was the head stylist for the Elizabeth Waldorf City woman collection for City People Magazine where I styled all the models backstage including the host Toke Makinwa. I have also worked as the costume designer for some Nollywood home videos and TV shows.

6. What is your vision for your business in the next 5 years.

Getting all my brands on the global radar!! I intend to style more international celebrities. Currently working on our website that will also put us on the global map. 

7.. your advice for upcoming fashion entrepreneurs?

Authenticity!!! Show up as the best, authentic version of yourself and everything will fall into place!!!! This has definitely worked for me.

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