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Issues of life by Antonia otakpo

In a bid to raise Queens, parents tend to forget that kings aren’t born but raised. In a bid to train the girl child into a woman accepted and acceptable by the society, we forget to train our sons. We imbibe all the ‘home training’ as girls growing into womanhood but our boys are left to be men all on their own. No one turns a blind eye to the errors of the girl child but when the male child errs in same manner or worse, it is most times waved off with the excuse ‘He’s a man’. The girl child is raised to be extremely domesticated, patient, control her temper and tongue (more like inexpressible), chaste, orderly, neat, prayerful(this one is very important because it is believed that a woman is the spiritual pillar of her home), prudent, submissive, selfless and  disciplined, but the boy child is just taught to ‘man up’, hustle, get a woman to care for his home, procreate and have that woman do almost everything for the children while he provides their needs.
The family and society frowns at it when a girl child is promiscuous, she’s tagged a prostitute because she tends to enjoy the company of the opposite sex more than that of her same sex but a boy child is cheered on by same folks when he changes his women like a woman changes her underwear, it is  what makes him a man they say. Knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to bend the rules when it comes to the male child.
This is not about feminism but about how badly everyone wants to parent the perfect girl child but little or no effort is put into training boys that would take care of these girls someday. Who says you can’t train both girls and boys to be domesticated, disciplined, chaste, prudent, patient, submissive etc and at the same time be tough, hustle and provide for the family. Remember a Queen would eventually need a king not a commoner to build a kingdom with, so if we forget to raise kings, of what use are we raising these Queens, at this point the feminists would point it out that a Queen can rule a kingdom solely without a man by her side or to stand by, well everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I am  not here to argue.
Everyday we hear ladies rant and go on and on about how they want the perfect man or most commonly how much men are scum. But in all honesty, how many of these ladies correct the male folks around them when they act inappropriately? Ladies say they want a man to be faithful and loyal to them but entertain their brothers or sons and his numerous girlfriends when they come over to visit and wouldn’t bother to correct the young man or caution him about his infidelity and then think they would be spared. Even if you are lucky enough to be spared, what about your sisters, daughters, ladies and friends you love and care for? How then would you feel if they are cheated on or being deceived by another man’s family? Don’t you even dare going around protesting or raining fire and brimstone or calling the man names because your own brother or son is no different and you are an ally. If every sister and mother keep acting like they don’t see these things, then where is it expected that the kings we want so badly and desperately ourselves and our daughters supposed to come from? Another case is when ladies don’t encourage their brothers and sons to be domestically educated but expect boyfriends and husbands to assist in doing house chores and house duties. Some working class type even expect that the man helps to run the home full-time, I mean think about it, you didn’t do another woman the favour of training your own son or brother to be domesticated enough but you expect that someone somewhere should have been nice enough to have done you such huge favour? Sorry sister, what goes around comes around. You don’t do anything when your son or brother hits a lady, you tend to turn a blind eye and sometimes even go ahead, cover up and defend them saying it was the lady’s fault or that the guy just has slight anger issues, no reprimanding, no corrections, you don’t do anything at all. Try to put yourself in the lady’s shoes, then let me know what your actions would be when the shoe starts to hurt as much. Well, don’t worry yourself much because I believe karma is waiting for you, the mistakes you have failed to correct and acknowledge is probably what someone else has failed to correct and acknowledge too so if fate would be oh so kind enough, you might just end up with the uncorrected son or brother of such a person too.
Fathers are not left out in the raising of these kings, infact, fathers have a major role to play because good Kings leave legacies for future kings to follow. Let fathers be good mentors to their boys, let them know that just as it is improper for his sister to dress scantily and inappropriately, same thing goes for him. Correct him when you see him frolicking around with different females, the same way you won’t tolerate it from his sister if she is  caught in the act, let him know that being chaste isn’t a girl thing. Teach your sons to be domesticated enough to cook, clean the house, run errands and other house chores, who says the best cooks have to be women or that the kitchen was built solely for women? Groom him into the kind of King you would want your little princess to grow in love with and stop raising trash for other peoples little princesses.
There are so many unfortunate men everywhere and it’s sickening, let’s breed a generation of good, loyal, truth worthy, honest, selfless, prudent, loving, respectful, prayerful and faithful men, I still don’t believe it is in the nature of men to cheat but that’s a topic for later. It’s the entire kingdom’s duty to make sure that the prince is fit enough for the throne, let us raise the type of kings we so badly want in the world and let’s train our daughters also to be Queens suitable for these kings.

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