Classiqueammastore is now a major distributor of Miradent oral care products.

Classiqueammastore is now a major distributor of Miradent oral care products.

Good news!!!

Classiqueammastore is now a major distributor of Miradent oral care products.

We have in our store, products such as:

1: Mirasensitive hap+: This unique product helps fight degradation causes by exposed tooth necks,natural enamel degradation,erosion and stress near the enamel.It lessens and abolish your teeth excess sensitivity to both hot and cold substances.It comes in a paste form making it very easy to use as a form of toothpaste.

2: Miradent chx:- This is a ready to use mouth rising solution that is free of alcohol,reduces fur on the tongue ,has xylitol(which prevents tooth decay),protects against gum irritations and prevents mouth also protects your mouth against plaque and leads to having long lasting breath freshness.

3: Happy Morning Travel Kit(toothbrush):- This is a single use toothbrush with toothpaste containing xylitol(an agent that prevents tooth decay).Brushing your teeth with this xylitol toothpaste prevents the deposition of plague on your teeth which can lead to tooth decay.

4:Happy Morning Toothbrush:- This is an already prepared toothbrush that has self foaming toothpaste in it.Its short brush head allows for easy to the teeth lateral area.Its d best choice for on-the-go use,travelling and other sudden dental care emergencies.

5:Mirawhite Gellee:- This paste provides full protection against any sort of discolouration in the teeth.It gently removes stains from the teeth thereby making the teeth regain it’s natural whiteness without any harm to any part of the teeth.It makes the teeth naturally smoother,gives them a shiny look and simultaneously makes them stronger.

6: Xylitol Chewing Gum:- When consumed and chewed regularly, this xylitol empowered chewing gum reduces the formation of plaque on the teeth.When being unable to brush after eating due to different circumstances,xylitol gum is the best choice to be used alternatively.

7: Xylitol Drops:- xylitol drops have been designed for an extended all day oral care.It helps hardens the surface of the teeth,giving them protection against food acids.It prevents the formation of plaque which leads to a dense reduction of tooth decay. Available in three different flavours,has a refreshing taste and leaves your teeth feeling smooth and clean.

8:Xylipops:- this are xylitol sweetened lollipops that has a fresh fruity flavour,sugar free and low on calories and also helps in the prevention of tooth decay. It contains calcium lactate which helps in the strengthening of the enamels.

9: Kid’s Brush:- This is a toothbrush with child friendly bristles and hygienic protection. The toothbrush handle also serves as a pratical stand with a soft brush head that is gentle on gums.

10. Olive:- plantana shower gel with olive butter gently cleans and provides your skin with self-regeneration capabilities. The special Plantana- formulation with provitamin B5 provides long lasting moisture and gives your skill a fresh and silky appearance.

Free of mineral oils and silicone
Free of colorants and parabens
Free of animals ingredients 

Visit our store today at NO 38 Phillips plaza Ojuelegba road opposite total filling station surulere Lagos.

Buy products worth N20k and win instant gifts such as
–Branded face cap
-And T-Shirts.

For more details call 08083535857.
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