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An Exclusive Interview with Bosede Adetunji

1. Please can you tell us who Bosede Adetunji is and your journey into  women ministry? 

Bosede Adetunji is a woman that has always, love to serve God and wanted to be God’s tool to  HIS creatures since 1988, that I confess Jesus as my Lord, even when I grew up in a Christian home/family. I hailed from Ile-Ife, Osun State and lived all my childhood and adulthood in  Ibadan, Oyo state, until I got married and relocated to Lagos State Nigeria. I had BSc in Mass  Communication, majored in Public Relations and minor in Broadcasting. My Christian journey is  being filled with many challenges, triumphs, victories, uphill and many other, that you cannot  imagine. But in it all, God has always been faithful and proven His Majesty in each situation. I had always known I will be God’s instrument(s) because of the diverse experiences and  encounters I have had. Ever before the opportunity to travel oversea with my husband and  children came, I had been shown in the dreams and diverse forms. I was a key member of  women ministry and my activities was always different compared to other leaders. Even  though, I served in many ministries, of which I always want to belong to children’s ministry. But  never knew that the passion of not being able to withstand a woman crying or being cheated,  could override that of children.  

My husband was graced to bring the entire family to USA through visa lottery program. I  discovered, after my wedlock, that my husband was a God’s covenant child, it was then many  of the aged dreams started unfolding. And after many efforts to avoid “Church” part of the  ministry failed, we succumbed to God’s grip and dived into God’s original intention for my  husbands to start a church in 2006, in USA which I Co-Pastor along with him. 

2. How did you get the inspiration for “The Esteemed Woman” and What is  the Vision behind the ministry? 

The inspiration came as an instruction from dream, which I thought was for the church we  belong at that time. I narrated the dream to our first lady, as to the way God wanted the  Women in the ministry to be handled. But the same dream came with the same instructions in  3.5yrs after we had left ministry and 2yrs after my husband and I had started our Church, which  also had its own women’s ministry already! So, it was very tough for me to start or promote or  expand it. I have to technically relinquish my role from the church’s women ministry, in order to be an overseer. And prayerfully, drafted one of the church leaders to become the president.  But I got tongue lashed all the way, because no one was in my hot-shoes to feel the heat; or  heard each whisper of Holy Spirit’s instructions.  

The Vision started “As It Is” with the instruction…”Lily In His Hands” “…..women are as precious  as these flowers in My Hands…” And that was exactly the registered name in USA. Until the  passion for Seniors started coming up, the God approved of the WhatsUP Seniors and  Recreation; But reminded and instructed me that “Women has to be Highly Esteemed in every  platform I operates in, thus the birth of The Esteemed Woman and its separation for Lily In His  Hands came into being.

The Vision statement is: To Help Women Overcome Obstacles of Purpose, Vision  and Mindset into full potential of Success & Wealth, irrespective of what their  background story is. 

3. Who are target audience and What Mediums are you using to get to your  audience? 

The target audience are basically women, with their visions, life purpose and their mindsets.  And I am not going to change that. But men are always welcome in our conferences. I learnt  that men that goes or supports their wife to conferences, grow to be more understanding. I reach women through my podcasts and weekly teachings through Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedIn, also, have YouTube channel on The Esteemed Woman. 

4. You are so passionate about God and the things of God, are you a Pastor? Yes, I am an ordained Pastor  

5. You are also passionate about women, does that mean you are only called  for women ministry alone?  

Yes, I am passionate about women. But currently have a bend to the feathers on my cap. It was  after the advent of The Esteemed Woman, that I got my certification as Life Coach from LCTI;  and Leadership Coach through John Maxwell Team. So, when you listen to my videos or my live  broadcast, I combine women to visions, business and leadership topics. So, my audience  determines my pitches and statements.  

6. What are the challenges you are facing in the ministry and how are you  managing them?  

The challenge is We, the Women. And it is more of our mindset, no wonder God is sending  more women into the field of empowerment and mind-shift messages. We are the most  multitask creature God formed, we do and give to other creatures but forget ourselves at the  backside. High percentage of us are yet discovering how valuable we are, thus making our  development to be more of social (that is, what people can see) rather than our economical  and personal developments. In essence we are more occupied with others at the detriment of  ourselves. 

7. Apart from the ministry, do you run a business?  

Yes. I am CPR Instructor. I teach individuals, healthcare providers and agencies on how to do  CPR (cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). I sell my speeches too; I am a public speaker at church  events. I also sell my books, through my website and Amazon.  

8. Where do you see The Esteemed Woman in the Future? 

I see the waves of God’s blessing moving The Esteemed Woman into Nations. As God has  opened the Gates and doors of Nigeria, even during pandemic, I am in no doubt that same 

hands of God will bring Womanhood to the knowledge of valuing themselves by adding values  to their gifts and visions in order to live in the purpose God has for all.  

9. How are you managing, ministry, business and family? 

It was tough at the inception, but God’s has always been faithful. Aside from granting peace on  all sides, He is always been in the business of sending help at intervals, like physical, moral and  financial help from people has been tremendous. 

10.What is your advice to that young person who want to go into ministry? My advice for younger person who’s willing to go into ministry, is to be convinced of who’s she  is and who she is. This is what will make her self-esteem to be broadened and strong.  Otherwise passing through the hurdles of the process, might be strenuous or difficult. 


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