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By Fred Enemigin, CEO, Elpam & Associates Ltd

Welcome to this column on Urock platform. Here I shall be taking us through a great journey that is never ending. Our trip will have so many phases with guaranteed excitements and useful tips that will enable us face new terrains we will come across as we make progress.

I should have titled this maiden piece “BECOMING A LEADERPRENEUR” but I decided to keep this simple for easy comprehension and reference. Whilst getting acquainted with each other, it will be very necessary for us to interact from time to time to enable us remain in the same vehicle of conveyance as we move on to our great destinies. Truly the Land is Green but what anyone gets will always be determined by the identified opportunities he or she is willing to engage.

A Leaderpreneur is a self starter that is motivated by his own dreams and passions. He has identified some gulf to which he is prompted by his inner will to construct a bridge over. Please note that no one builds a bridge and passes over it alone. His motivated dreams and passions will eventually produce for posterity.

Though the Leaderpreneur faces many problems and limitations, his passion for his dream rises above his status, position or stereotypical walls, the Leaderpreneur lives and believes his ideas and will do anything within his moral walls to make it a reality.

He hasn’t got any finance yet to engage his passions but his will power is stronger than any of such limitations. Wait a minute. Lack of finance to the Leaderpreneur does not mean same thing as lack of resources. He is full of intuition and passion. He sees the future brightly from the darkest side of life. When others are visually impaired by the unnatural forces of recession he gets his excitements from his lonely perceptions.

All Leaderpreneurs are lone rangers. They are seen differently from others. Their thinking and beliefs are usually weird. They see the invisible, speak the unheard-of and eventually do the impossible. With a thought process that is traversed to logic, they conquer known theories as they become pacesetters with their imagination and brain powers.

Bill Gates was one of such Leaderpreneurs who dared the popular opinion of the dreaded word called “recession” and birthed Microsoft Corporation at a time and season when men had given up all hopes and surrendered to the supremacy of economic ill fate. That was mad. Wasn’t it? Its only a MAD person that “Makes A Difference”

Dare to be different today. Lead from your inner passions. Bring out the dreams in you. What you see inside is truly beautiful and no matter how well you can describe, none can fully comprehend until you roll them out as realities. Lets make them happen.


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