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Vogue China Editorial Director Margaret Zhang Steps Down After Three Years

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Vogue China’s editorial director, Margaret Zhang, has decided to step down from her position, marking the end of her three-year tenure. Zhang, who made history as the youngest individual to lead any of Vogue’s 28 editions, announced her departure via a handwritten note shared on various social media platforms. Her resignation comes as a surprise to many, given her unconventional background. Rising to prominence initially as a blogger, Zhang later ventured into modeling, photography, and consultancy for renowned brands like Moncler and Mulberry.

Upon her appointment in 2021, Zhang faced both acclaim and criticism. While some lauded her for bringing a fresh perspective to Vogue China and championing diversity, others questioned her suitability for the role due to her perceived Westernized approach and lack of traditional editorial experience. Despite these challenges, Zhang spearheaded significant changes within the publication, overseeing notable growth in video content and engagement events.

Zhang’s decision to step down follows a broader trend of editorial shake-ups within the fashion industry. Just weeks ago, Edward Enninful, the editor of British Vogue, unexpectedly announced his departure after over six years at the helm. Additionally, Condé Nast, the parent company of Vogue, has been undergoing organizational changes, with CEO Roger Lynch announcing plans to reduce the workforce by 5%. This move has sparked controversy, leading to protests by staff members at various Condé Nast titles.

As Zhang bids farewell to Vogue China, her legacy remains a subject of debate and reflection within the fashion world. Despite the challenges she faced, her tenure leaves behind a significant impact on the publication’s direction and ethos, setting a precedent for future editorial leadership.