You are currently viewing Title: Venita Akpofure Responds to Criticism Over Nudity in New Rap Video

Title: Venita Akpofure Responds to Criticism Over Nudity in New Rap Video

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Reality star and actress-turned-rapper Venita Akpofure recently found herself in thespotlight after a social media user criticized her for appearing scantily-clad in her latest rap video, ‘Gen Z Cypher,’ alongside Magnito. In a clip shared on her social media handle, Venita’s outfit sparked controversy, with the user condemning her choice of attire, particularly given her status as a mother of three.

The commenter expressed disappointment, stating, “Person wey get three pikin for house see wetin she wear her shame dey shame me.” Translation: “As a mother of three, it’s shameful to see what she’s wearing.”

In response to the criticism, Venita stood her ground, drawing inspiration from her idol, Beyoncé, who is also a mother of three. Venita highlighted Beyoncé’s iconic performances in bodysuits, emphasizing that the global superstar is a billionaire household name despite being a mother.

In her clapback, Venita stated, “My dear I no Dey shame, keep your shame for yourself, I go Dey follow my Beyoncé jejely de go. Who also has 3 kids, wears bodysuits to perform and is billionaire household name. Go hard = Venita. Go home = you.”

Venita’s bold response underscores her confidence and determination to pursue her artistic endeavors without succumbing to societal judgments. As she continues to carve her path in the entertainment industry, Venita remains unapologetically herself, drawing inspiration from trailblazers like Beyoncé.