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The love affair in this den ages

The love affair in this den ages.
Every woman have  had her fair up’s and down’s of Love.
The good, bad and the ugly, but above it all ,triumphantly the ones that made it though, because of there experiences and lessons learnt, can help to  inspire others.
Many assume they are in love, whereas it may just be an infatuation, a one-sided feeling, or just close friendship. When one acts on these romantic and sexual emotions impulsively and without according it sufficient time, it may lead to disappointment and broken hearts.
True love includes respect, admiration, care, and never subjecting your partner to hurt, humiliation or any form of abuse.
True love may be the kind of love that many chase after or desire, but is as elusive as a butterfly. It takes time to bloom. Many find it and are rewarded with happiness.
The following are some of the signs of true love in a perfect romance (Ref. E. Arthur-“12 Signs of True Love in a Relationship”):
Give and take in love. You give to the relationship unconditionally without expecting something back from your partner.
Pure happiness. You are filled with happiness just watching your special person smile or laugh out loud even though you are having a bad day.
Pain and anger. You may feel hurt when your lover upsets you, but their actions never anger you. You cannot remain annoyed with them for long because it hurts you more.
You make sacrifices for their happiness or well-being even if they may not realise it.
The right effort. You go to great lengths to make efforts to improve the relationship and try to please your partner and make them feel loved and special.
You can’t hurt them. When you are truly in love with someone, you cannot hurt them in any way.
You keep your promises. When you make a promise to this person, you keep it even though this person does not know that you broke it.
When you truly love your partner, you see them as part of your life and your future.
You share their burdens. You are always willing to help in their difficulties even though you have problems of your own.
Pride and jealousy. You feel proud when they achieve something even though you may have failed at it. When you love someone, you cannot be jealous.
You are willing to suffer, just to see them happy.
Their perspective. Whenever you have plans of your own, think of your partner’s opinion before doing something for yourself.
So are you in love, or are you getting there?
There is always hope when you love.
It’s only successful if you don’t demoralize the Love because you both are partners in the crime of love. If you observe, previously successful patterns, their experience hope/love they are energized.
These patterns sometimes have the following labels: inner resource, external  resources, solutions, things you like about yourself, inner strengths, gifts, attributes, features, expertise, assets capabilities, skills, possibilities, reserves, potential, qualities, traits, answers, accomplishments, abilities, talents. proficiencies, repertoire flairs, aptitude, characteristics, virtues and  knacks.
The words on( resources, abilities) are patterns composed of thoughts, feelings , actions and meaning).
They are not things that can be used. Rather, they are merely words that sum up patterns that may be useful in opening options. e.g. Love.
Though meaning of love in this then ages, that we live in. If you allow it to happen.
Only the strong ones or the one’s that have ability to multi task it and navigate through it that succeeds.
When the temperature is high, know how to lower it down and verse versa, through communication.
The ability to change the problem/resource by navigating talk ratio
Is  a tool for a successful relationship.
That’s what love is, the union of two loving things or someone.
 COUPLES Enhance your relationships!!!
First, love yourself, recognize the effects of brain chemistry, probe below the surface of who you are, beware of falling into destructive patterns, negative emotional cultural minefields, find someone with a similar personality, be the kind of partner you want.
Create a healthy cycle, watch your triggers, invite the perfect romantic partner into your life, contemplate the qualities you most desire, turn the light on for love, make space in your life for love, use love to turn away hostility. Avoid passive aggressive, don’t tolerate abuse instead put your knees on the ground ,as last resource of strength and pray and seek for help, do it through spirituality (God ) or carnally by a counsellor, pastor, family, friend someone that has bought parties interest. Always think it though for the sake of love, that feeling that once in your life felt and experienced.
There is a lot of people that has gone throw hardship in love and came out triumphantly from it, as a correspondent of U ROCK magazine, I have been watching, inspiring couples that deserves to be recognized and share with you their stories, how they over came tough  times and now they are inspiring people in their communities through love.
Real life stories, experiences, lessons learnt, the source of the strength, the good, the bad  & the ugly. How they turn it around through friendship & adventures.
You the reader will chose the couples stories that you would like to know the faces behind the stories.
Keep tuned this is the beginning of a beautiful movement, called “the love affair of a nation”. All proceedings goes for the chosen community outreach of your choice by voting.
Love and you shall be loved in return.
Ivy Barreto
Ambassador/ Apostle of love

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