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Recipe for success

You can rewire your brain for success, there is this interesting story about the Eagle staying so long with the chicken, and at some point the eagle started behaving like the chicken. The eagle is known for soaring high and because of wrong association the eagle forgot all the natural characteristics that was bestowed on her. The eagle lived like the chicken not aspiring to soar anymore, because of wrong association, until a fellow eagle came around that vicinity and the eagle that was living a low life saw there was no difference between them, with a new mind set, the eagle gradually started practicing how to fly again and in a short time the eagle was good at flying, although the chicken didn’t want the eagle to go, but because they are not meant to be together, they both have different mission in life they had no choice but to part ways. The major thing that helped the Eagle is the realisation of who the Eagle was. One the eagle is a fearless bird that is not meant to be caged in one place, it does not surrender easily to anything. Eagles are high flyers, they soar so high that no other birds compete with the eagle. They naturally have a powerful vision, very attentive to surrounding, always watches carefully especially when they are on a cliff. They also have nurturing skills, they are all traits of leadership.
I have come to tell you that, your life is more valuable than the eagle, if the eagle can realise how important it’s life is, and making use of the benefits God endowed upon it’s life, and had a major turn around, that means you can do better than the eagle. You might have been in a wrong association or your background is nothing to write home about, or you just came out of a failed marriage, or your job is not going well , worst case you don’t have a job, the reasons for you to remain on one spot are numerous, please rise above these excuses or genuine reasons and see what and how you can help yourself to achieve success in life. Genuinely search inward, and see what you love doing, what do you have passion for? You have to start gradually, do away with friends or family members that are distracting you, When Friends Or Family Members try to talk you down please ignore them and focus on your journey, more so, do not despise the days of little beginning says the word of God. Years back a friend got a contract of two million and felt it was too small because of the calibre of people he knew, he bluntly refused the job, and his friend begged him to pass the job over to him, which he did. The friend meticulously executed the job without stress and complain, and in two months time the same company awarded over twenty million worth of contract because he did the first well, meanwhile his friend that knows all the ministers and governor is still roaming the street, like I said in one of my articles be wise, and don’t be unnecessarily proud, you had it before does not mean you still have it so put yourself together and rise like the Eagle. I tell you success is at your door step knocking.

By Joy Echipue

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