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& Other Stories Launches ‘Visionary’ Capsule Collection with Artist Brianna Lance

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Fashion brand & Other Stories has revealed a new capsule collection in collaboration with artist Brianna Lance, set to launch on June 20. The summer collection, titled ‘Visionary,’ includes four unique pieces: two kaftans, a dress, and a jumpsuit, each featuring Lance’s original artwork depicting elements from her imaginative world.

The collection highlights an innovative approach to zero-waste fashion, incorporating Lance’s detailed watercolor paintings filled with evocative symbols and mystical imagery. & Other Stories emphasizes that no fabric was wasted during production. For instance, fabric scraps from the jumpsuit’s neckline were repurposed to create a pocket on the same garment. The artwork was digitally printed on the pieces to ensure a high-quality finish.

Frida Billegren, an atelier designer at & Other Stories, praised Lance’s paintings for their playful and intriguing storytelling, which perfectly matched the vision for this collection. Lance expressed excitement about the collaboration, noting that it offers an accessible way for people to engage with her art through fashion, making her work more widely available.

The ‘Visionary’ capsule collection by & Other Stories and Brianna Lance will be available from June 20, featuring creatively crafted pieces that blend fashion with art while promoting sustainability.