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Money is a mastery not a mystery

Money is a mastery not a mystery .

Money making Follows a law not a luck .

Many people work all their life for money but never take time to really understand it . If you don’t understand how money works , you will not always depend on chance to have it in your life .

Money making is a skill not about your personality and you can learn how to make it , manage it and multiply it .

The good news ..

It is a different thing to know how to teach it and know how to make it . Tade Esan will be investing 3 days along two great minds , pastor Seyi Olawunmi and Kehinde Olagbenjo in surulere .

What do you stand to Gain ..

You can learn the mentality of creating money .

Where to find money in the nation and make it yours legally and morally ..

You will learn how to begin create what you want credibly .

You will master the habit that can put your finances in the right shape in the next 6months from now and what you can do to change your personal economy in the next 30 days .

Come join us and learn the principle that would help you to master Money .

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