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Modest Fashion Week CEO Declares: “Modest Fashion is a Bold Global Trend

Modest fashion, driven by various personal, cultural, and environmental reasons, has long been a staple in wardrobes worldwide. Whether termed “modest” or not, this fashion approach is prevalent and evolving into a significant global trend.

“Modesty transcends fashion; it’s a lifestyle,” stated Ozlem Sahin Ertas, CEO of Modest Fashion Weeks by Think Fashion Co, during the recent event in Istanbul. “Every individual and organization should contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable, and equal world for future generations.”

The burgeoning demand for modest fashion is reflected in the numbers. According to the “Global Islamic Economy Report” by Thomson Reuters in 2020, global spending on modest fashion is $254 billion and could grow to $473 billion by 2024, with an annual growth rate of 6.6%.

### Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024

The Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 (IMFW24), held from April 25-27, featured 24 fashion shows, 29 brand booths, 11 talk shows, experience points, and a mini art gallery. The event’s theme, “A Unique Fashion Call for Solidarity,” united designers, brands, influencers, industry leaders, and fashion enthusiasts globally, fostering connections that transcend borders.

After nine successful editions, Modest Fashion Week returned to Istanbul. FashionUnited interviewed Ozlem Sahin Ertas about the event’s evolution and the modest fashion industry’s growth.

### Evolution of Trends and Audience

“Returning to our homeland after eight years, it’s evident that modest fashion is a bold global trend,” said Ertas. “The audience now understands modest fashion, expecting long cuts, oversized shapes, and the elegance of covering the body.”


Initially met with resistance from mainstream fashion, modest fashion has now gained acceptance for its inclusivity and diversity. Many modest brands prioritize sustainability and use natural fabrics, with functional day-to-night pieces gaining popularity. Regional trends vary, with minimalist styles in Europe and Australia, and vibrant prints and colors in Asia and Africa. The US market favors relaxed cuts, while the Middle East and Russia value elegance and high craftsmanship.

### Importance for Retailers

The global modest fashion market, valued at $474 billion, attracts retailers, distributors, and online channels. IMFW24 saw attendance from buyers across the USA, UK, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Malaysia, Africa, and South Korea, highlighting the market’s diversity and power.


Modest Fashion Weeks aim to facilitate sustainable business relationships globally, involving key stakeholders and offering services like sourcing, production, cross-country trade, and creative solutions.

### Transition to Mainstream

Ertas notes that modest fashion brands don’t need to transition into mainstream fashion, as modest fashion caters to various roles women play in their lives. However, mainstream brands like Armani, D&G, Adidas, Nike, H&M, and Inditex are targeting the modesty segment.


### Sustainability in Modest Fashion

Sustainability is integral to modest fashion, with brands often using natural fabrics. As consumers become more conscious of sustainable and slow fashion, designers are offering innovative solutions.


Modest fashion will continue to grow, becoming a widely accepted style. Modest Fashion Weeks by Think Fashion Co will persist in showcasing that fashion is inclusive of all women, regardless of body shape, skin color, cultural, or social background, allowing every woman to express her uniqueness and beauty.