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Some years ago, a brother and a sister came to tell me about their forth coming wedding ceremony. When I began to ask them some serious questions, I discovered that both of them had no jobs. They said they were still trusting the Lord for miracle jobs. They were deeply in love that they can not wait to get married. 

Money is one of the leading causes of divorce worldwide! It has caused a lot of havoc to family and has separated so many lovers.

Love or Fantasy does not pay bills. Money does.

I know you think both of you can survive on love. “Love is all we need!” I deeply share your lofty sentiments, but the reality of the matter is: How many love can you put in an empty pot of soup

How many cartons of love will your landlord collect in lieu of your house rent? 


Love is never a substitute for common sense. 

Money can not buy love but it can make love COMFORTABLE! 

Love is powerful but it is not  enough to sustain a relationship/marriage. It can not pay your house rent, children school fees, electricity bill, medical bill, feeding of the family, clothes for children, car fuel and repair, Christmas and New year bills, etc. Because Love is not a currency.

Your creditor wont swap money for love. And your children will not ask if you both are in love when they are hungry or when their school fees are due. Note that over 80% of your earning will be spent on your children’s upkeep. The sad news is that it will not  be enough without adequate planning and strategic investment. Love isn’t enough.

So Singles that are preparing for marriage, should get a regular source of income before marriage. Marriage is not just about sex, kissing or romance! Bill must be paid. Pampers must be bought. School fees must be paid. And Your landlord will collect his rent. 

The wife to be should also get something doing to support her husband! No man wants to marry a liability. If nobody employs you please employ yourself before your wedding. Discover and Develop Your Talent. 

Do not depend on people to be responsible for your financial needs after your wedding. Your family, friends, and loved ones may sponsor your wedding but they can’t sponsor your marriage. 

Take it or leave it, There can be no real romance without finance. Financial hardship can turn lovers to sworn enemies!

But Don’t wait until you have the whole world before planning for your marriage. You can start with a room if you can’t afford a room and parlour for now! As time goes on, God will expand both of you! Start With What You Have! Don’t wait until you have million of dollars in your account!

God will surprise you as you start planning for your marriage in Jesus name!

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