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Liev Schreiber Champions Cause of Ukraine’s Missing Children at UN Meeting

During a recent UN Security Council session, Liev Schreiber bore witness to the harrowing testimonies of three Ukrainian children who had been abducted by Russian soldiers. Moved by their bravery, Schreiber, best known for his roles in Ray Donovan and X-Men, emphasized the plight of these children, revealing that approximately 20,000 Ukrainian children have been forcibly taken since the war began, with only a fraction reunited with their families.

Schreiber denounced the abduction of children as one of the most egregious war crimes, emphasizing the fundamental right of every child to a normal childhood and to remain with their parents. He recounted the disturbing trend of Ukrainian children being coerced into indoctrination programs, where they are made to believe falsehoods about their families and homeland.

The actor’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis goes beyond words. As the co-founder of BlueCheck, an organization dedicated to crisis response, he has been actively raising funds for humanitarian aid. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s United24 initiative and chairs Builders Ukraine. Schreiber has visited Ukraine multiple times, contributing to relief efforts and helping raise funds for essential equipment like generators to support medical facilities during power outages.

Schreiber’s deep engagement led to him delivering the opening remarks at a recent UN meeting, preceding the testimonies of three abducted children: Sasha, Kira, and Ilya. These children, kidnapped during the siege on Mariupol, shared heartbreaking stories of loss and longing, leaving Schreiber profoundly moved.

Despite the horrors, Schreiber highlighted the resilience of these children, particularly Sasha’s poignant plea for help in finding his missing mother. As a father himself, Schreiber found Sasha’s words deeply resonant, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

Amidst his advocacy, Schreiber remains committed to his acting career, balancing his Broadway performances with his humanitarian work. Reflecting on his new role as a father, he acknowledges the responsibility to create a better world for future generations, drawing inspiration from his grandparents’ generation.

Schreiber’s encounter with the Ukrainian research ship Noosfera in Antarctica served as a poignant reminder of solidarity amidst adversity. As the Ukraine crisis persists, Schreiber hopes to keep the plight of Ukraine’s missing children at the forefront of global consciousness, emphasizing the shared values of freedom and democracy at stake.