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You don’t know how money works and you’re praying for financial freedom. Don’t let anyone fool you, you may just be a joker. There are systems that govern different spheres of human existence. Prayer has its place while Knowledge has its place.

Hosea 4:6 did not say “My people perish for lack of prayers…” He said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. 

Don’t get it wrong, I love prayer, I believe in prayer and what prayer produces and I also pray daily.

To start with, until something happens in the head of a human being, nothing happens in his hands. When you pursue knowledge, you are inadvertently setting up yourself for wealth, so knowledge has a primary part to play in becoming wealthy. This can be done by investing in books, seminars, short courses, symposiums, freelance knowledge seeking and many more. 

Knowledge is key. Knowledge is crucial.  It’s not all you need but much of what you lack is traceable to a lack of knowledge. 

More often than not, you will struggle in the areas where you lack knowledge. If you lack the right knowledge about marriage, you will have marital struggles. If you lack the right knowledge about your environment, you will struggle there.  Similarly, a lack of the right knowledge about money produces several seasons of financial stress and struggle.


  1. Do What Rich People Do: INVEST

Do what rich people do with their finances? They manage their finances, they want to make sure that even a single cent has not been wasted. They invest their money. They love assets and hate liabilities. The lesson we can learn from them is that they are buying more assets not liabilities. Assets are those that can help you generate money while liabilities are those that pull out money from you.

A study once concluded that if all the wealth in this world was taken away from everybody and then distributed equally to all people in the world, it would probably take less than 10 years until exactly the same people who had no or little money before would be poor again and exactly the same people who were rich before would have all their wealth back. 

The difference is in the mentality. Let’s define some financial terms buttressing the need for financial knowledge–

Cash flow = Money you bring in

Expenses = Money you spend

Assets = Something that pays you: An asset earns more money for you as time goes by, like time travel: It appreciates with time

Liabilities = Something that cost you. It depreciates with time

NOTE: Check your life today, do you have more liabilities than assets then you’ll


  1. Start Multiplying Your Money Today

If you want to multiply your money fast, start today. If you will start in investing your money early, your money will grow overtime. They will accumulate faster. Do not invest during your retirement, instead, invest your money while preparing for your retirement. Good thing, retirement planning will start on the day you received your first paycheck.

“If you started investing at age 25 and put the same amount of money into stocks until age 35, you’d have more money at retirement than if you started saving at 35 and invested the same amount of money in stocks EVERY YEAR until retirement”

So, putting $5000 a year away from 25 to 35 yields more than putting $5000 a year away from 35 to 60?

Outcome of starting to invest early:

The 25 year old starter invests $55,000 and ends up with $615,580 at retirement.

The 35 year old starter invests $130,000 and still has less at retirement: $431,754.

So, if you’re a young saver questioning the value of starting this early (hopefully upon reading this, if you’re not already doing so, you’ll start investing today!)

  1. It Takes Time to Accumulate Wealth

It takes time to see the results. In investing money, you need to have a self-discipline in handling your finances. You can have a self-discipline in managing your finances if you have a goal. For example, would you rather spend your money on the things that can only give you short happiness? Or will you sacrifice temporarily in order for you to receive permanent financial success? I hope you get the message clearly. Think twice before you spend your money!

As an inspiration, you need to focus on your goal. And one of your goals is to increase your net worth. Focus on your net worth, it is the basis on how wealthy you are.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not try gambling, there is a big difference between gambling and investing.
  • Do not get lure to any get rich quick scheme program.
  • Do not procrastinate in investing your money.

To summarise, the power of compounding is the single most important reason for you to start investing right now. Remember, every day that your money is invested, is a day that your money is working for you.




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