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World Beauty Day celebrated every year on 9th September, a day dedicated to all lovers of Beauty.

The day of 9th September became since 1995 the World Beauty Day at the initiative of the International Committee of Aesthetics and cosmetics (SIDESKO).

“Beauty will save the world” is a saying you know everything on the planet Earth. This holiday was celebrated on the initiative of the International Committee of esthetics and cosmetology (SIDESKO) since 1995. In Russia the international beauty day became a holiday a little later, in 1999. On this day our country became part of the Committee.

September 9, now it is accepted to pay attention and to welcome all the wonderful that will someday save the world. In many countries, the beauty contests are commonly performed on this day. Now these kind of competitions are not only among the beautiful half of humanity, showing off his physique and mental abilities. There are also contests like Mr. universe in which man can boast of his strength and body shape.

But, in addition to physical beauty, there are also spiritual beauty. This concept applies to all people, regardless of their age and gender. And it is determined attitude to wisdom, decency, integrity of the person.

Beauty by nature a very rare concept, which is not currently guarantee of happiness. It is often in our world, meet girls dazzling appearance, suffering from loneliness. And here is a charming flirtatious, which univesa crowd of gentlemen. Because caring about the external beauty, is not to forget about the rich inner world.

Although in the modern world is increasingly valued not for internal or external beauty, and sharp mind, manic energy and ability to make money.

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