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Loneliness is an emotional, very complex mental phenomenon. It has a huge negative impact on people,  most times it leaves them feeling devastated. Loneliness deflates the main person in you.

Loneliness is one thing I like to talk about because it is part of what killed my mum.  My mum became a widow in her early fifties, after my dad died in a car crash, my mum did not remarry neither did she go into any relationship.  To worsen the situation she had no friends, at a point i was very concerned but there was little I could do to help her. I wished I knew what i know now things would have been different. There are loads of materials and help available now. 

Children please pay attention to your parents, spend time with them, call them if you live in a different city, it is important, loneliness creeps in unannounced. At times it comes with a feeling of hopelessness. Loneliness affects both children and young adults as well,  parents you have to be watchful. Loneliness is painful and can confuse one into thinking that they are worthless. Keep an eye on your child when they get into a new school or a new neighbourhood. Ask them who there friends are. Make them talk about their friends at home,  it is very important. 

Even as the world seem more crowded and connected, ironically it is increasingly lonely for a lot of people. Remember that Loneliness is not being private, it is the feeling of being isolated, you can be among a thousand people and still be lonely. Loneliness can dramatically damage your state of mind,  it creates a vacuum. If you are feeling lonely, take a few positive steps like change your thinking,  don’t let it get to the depressive condition. Consciously make new friends. You can learn a new skill, meditate on the word of God, talk to your pastor or priest,  Listen to music, go down memory lane and ride on with your childhood songs. Read a good  book, learn to build a relationship with yourself . Derive joy in helping others, go out and make good things happen rather than waiting for good things to come to you. Avoid negative people. 

You can  decide to see a licenced therapist. Ask for help not from the wrong people though. Don’t be too shy to talk, you are not in this alone people are actually going through stuff worst than loneliness, thank God there is a cure for loneliness. Wishing you all the best.

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