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How To Become Your Own Boss

Around June this year, I was talking to a lady who works with a Multi-National company and she earns a good salary.

I noticed most things I saw with her were ranging from latest phones, expensive dresses….etcetera
So I encouraged her to consider a side business while working, I also advised her to invest in assets and not flamboyant things to impress people.

Two weeks later she called me that she was ready to consider my advice because that same month, her company closed one of their branches because they were having issues with the government. Her company sacked about 5 people but luckily for her she was not sacked.
So I introduced her into importation business and helped her with her first order. Good for her she has good selling skills and her job gives her some extra time to do her side business. She was able to secure a loan from Gtb to add to what she had, so she could make her first order. In less than 3 months she made over N350k profit from her first order.

She recently placed her second order worth N2M expected to be in Nigeria any moment from now for Christmas sales.

Her plan now is to open a store next year and grow her business while still working.
She is not afraid of being sacked any more because she is already planning for the future.

If you are earning a good salary now, don’t lavish everything on unnecessary wants, start planning for the future.
There are many side business or investments you can do while still working.

Your salary is a seed and what you do with your seed will determine your future.

Contact us today if you need any help on how you can be your own boss while working.

Kehinde Olagbenjo


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