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From Ghana to LA: The Fashion Journey of Kwame Adusei

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Kwame Adusei, a seasoned fashion designer from Ghana, embarked on a daring new adventure when he decided to make the move to New York City after a decade in the industry. However, the biting cold of January in the Big Apple prompted a swift change in plans. Undeterred, Adusei redirected his path and found himself in the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, where he recently unveiled his new storefront on Doheny Drive in West Hollywood.

In just two years since his arrival in LA, Adusei’s fashion creations, which celebrate sexuality and androgyny, have captured the attention of A-list celebrities like Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and Lori Harvey. Yet, amidst his meteoric rise, Adusei remains deeply connected to his African heritage. Recognizing a gap in understanding African fashion in his new home, he sought to infuse his brand with elements of his culture, ultimately choosing to name it after himself—an act of vulnerability that he hadn’t anticipated.

Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of West African weddings, where individu




als tailor their attire using Kente cloth, Adusei imbues his designs with a sense of uniqueness and cultural significance. While his Ghanaian influences may not always be overtly apparent, they serve as the foundation of his fashion philosophy, which prioritizes both functionality and flattery. Through his work, Adusei strives to bridge the gap between his African roots and the global fashion scene, creating pieces that are both timeless and contemporary.