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There are visible habits that separate the rich from the poor. The difference are not farfetched, they are in our daily habits. A lot of things are embedded in our subconscious mind, our activities, lifestyle which comprises our active moment while awake all day makes whom we are. Your habits can pull you down from the top and it can also send you to the top.

On my number one list, what I learnt from research is that you must learn to set goals, not wishes.  As you set goals put action to it, goals without action is like a wish. Action destroys procrastination, it puts you on the rail to success, because until you set the ball rolling your goals will not be scored. 

Again, when you set the ball rolling and you discover how bumpy the road is, please it is not a time to give up or turn back. Three main things you need now are patience, persistence and focus. The rich are not always scared when it is stormy, they know better, because it always leads to a favourably destination. So do not give up easily. 

Thirdly discover your purpose, your main purpose is that thing that makes you happy, the people that pursue purpose in life are the happiest and the wealthiest.  One, they love and enjoy  what they are doing, this reason motivates them towards going extra mile. You can actually start by making  a list of what makes you happy. Remember, that, when you earn good income doing something you enjoy, you have discovered purpose.

Another important habit the rich practice  is meditation,  you can not take this away from them. It makes  them calm, focused and very productive.  Most times they do a lot of writing which helps them internalise their concept. Meditation helps them navigate properly. 

Finally, the rich knows the importance of sleep. They know how sleep helps in increasing emotional intelligence of human nature, it also plays a major role in managing stress. Sleeping helps the brain in recharging ,it helps the brain in storing or discarding unwanted memories. It clears the head and gets it set for the next day work. The rich knows that when you deprive yourself from sleep, it raises your stress hormone level.  A decent one night sleep is equal  to millions of money because it helps you keep situation under control. 

There are loads of other habits which the rich exhibits, which helps them to remain on top, but these ones listed out are very unique and I am currently working with them and they are fabulous. Practice them and they will help you remain on top. Do not forget that Edmund Burke said that “ If we command our wealth,  we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed “

By Joy Echipue

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