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Fareedah Oyolola emerges world brightest student.

The John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth has honored Fareedah Oyolola a Nigerian secondary school student, who finished from Greensprings School, Lagos, for emerging the brightest in the world.

This recognition resulted from her exceptional performance at the advanced School and College Ability Test (SCAT), which every student must undergo in order for the institution to determine their current academic abilities before admitting them into its talent search programme.

In a statement issued by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, the Executive Director; Virginia Roach, congratulated Fareedah and other outstanding students across the world for their exceptional performance at the examinations.

Fareedah Oyolola said: “The test was a multiple-choice aptitude test in verbal and quantitative reasoning, and I had to answer 100 questions within 44 minutes! At the end of the test, my score was in the 92nd percentile for verbal reasoning and 87th percentile for quantitative reasoning. There’s no way I would have gotten these high scores with such a limited time window if not for the great work put in by my teachers, towards developing my comprehension abilities and mathematical reasoning skills. I am very grateful to them.”

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