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China Launches Official Cryptocurrency: World Banks And Governments Terrified

What was feared by the world’s major banks and governments has come to pass. China has taken an unprecedented step towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and is launching an official coin.

The Chinese government has informed that they prefer a company for the purchase and marketing of their new coin – YuanPay Group.

The sales of China’s coin officially started and currently these coins can be bought only from YuanPay Group at the price listed on their official website. And one more good news – Australia is one of the first countries where sales began today.

Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun announced that the starting price of the coin will be only US$0,01!

Our editor checked the information and said that as of today, approximately 13,000 official coins can be purchased for $350.

We also asked for a comment from Tan Eng Chen – Head Financial Analyst of DMO Financial Group and he told us that according to the scientific community of financiers, the Chinese cryptocurrency can overtake Bitcoin in 10 years, which shocked us a little:

“We think that by the end of the month, when the news spreads around the world, the price of the Chinese cryptocurrency will grow at least 10 times.

According to our forecasts, in the next six months the price can easily increase up to 1,000%. But, most importantly, if China continues to actively develop blockchain technologies, they have every chance of surpassing Bitcoin in terms of price and capitalization in 10 years.

Residents of Australia are lucky that YuanPay Group has started a marketing campaign in our country in one of the first. This is a great chance to increase the personal capital of citizens.”

Later, the professor sent us a email: “One of our main analysts at the University even made a chart with a price in $US forecast for the next half year. Your subscibers will be interested.

We checked how it works

A few of us in the editorial office were curious enough to buy a couple coins just to see how everything looks and what the trading fees are like.

It was fairly easy to get the coins, but I will show you the whole process below for those that are interested.If it’s enough for you and you want to buy Chinese cryptocurrency by yourself, here is the link:

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