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Carrie Bradshaw’s Bold Fashion Choices: A Shift in Perception?

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw in the iconic TV series “Sex and the City” has always been synonymous with daring and unique fashion choices. From her floating belt across a bare midriff to the eclectic mix of cowboy hat, python-print bandeau, and striped sarong, Bradshaw’s style has been a defining element of her character.

Bradshaw’s bold fashion sense has historically been part of her charm. The popular Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc archives many of her memorable looks, drawing adoration from fans who celebrate her daring choices. Followers often defend even her most controversial outfits, praising her ability to pull off styles that few others could.

Recently, Bradshaw’s tutu from the opening credits of “Sex and the City” fetched an impressive $52,000 at auction, further cementing her status as a fashion icon. However, the reboot series “And Just Like That…” has sparked mixed reactions to her wardrobe. As filming for the third season continues in New York City, Bradshaw has been seen in outfits such as a sheer, rose-adorned dress by Simone Rocha, a vintage color-blocked Ossie Clark dress, and an oversized gingham sun hat by Maryam Keyhani.

These latest fashion choices have not been universally well-received. Some fans on @everyoutfitonsatc’s posts have critiqued the outfits as “too much” and not in line with Carrie’s original style. Despite this, there are still loyal followers who appreciate the nods to Bradshaw’s love of florals and bold patterns.

The departure of Patricia Field, the original “Sex and the City” stylist, is often cited by fans as a reason for the perceived shift in Bradshaw’s style. Field was known for her original and sometimes absurd fashion curation. “Following fashion trends? It’s a waste,” she said in an interview. “To me, fashion is a cousin of art. And like art, originality is what counts.”

Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, the current stylists, continue to honor this instinct with Bradshaw’s diverse wardrobe. However, their efforts have not always been appreciated. This raises questions: Has Bradshaw’s style truly changed, or have audiences become less accepting of an unconventional dresser in her late 50s compared to her 30s?

Sarah Jessica Parker herself has addressed the criticisms, highlighting the gendered nature of some negative reactions. “There’s so much misogynist chatter in response to us that would never. Happen. About. A. Man,” she stated in another interview.

As we continue to follow Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion journey, it’s clear that her style remains as provocative and conversation-starting as ever, reflecting broader societal attitudes towards aging and fashion.