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Campaign for Wool Celebrates Continued Patronage from King Charles

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The Campaign for Wool proudly announces the retention of HM The King as its esteemed patron, reaffirming his unwavering support for wool’s environmental merits and sustainability. King Charles’ ongoing commitment highlights the urgent need to champion wool as a natural, renewable, and biodegradable resource amidst growing concerns surrounding climate change and the proliferation of synthetic materials.

Following a recent review of their patronages, Buckingham Palace confirmed King Charles’ continued endorsement of the Campaign for Wool, emphasizing its pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices within the fashion, interiors, and construction industries.

Originally initiated by King Charles during his tenure as The Prince of Wales in 2008, the Campaign for Wool was officially established in 2010 with the aim of empowering wool growers across the Commonwealth. As the Campaign’s Patron, King Charles has traversed various regions, engaging with wool growers and advocating for the ecological benefits of wool across diverse applications.

Aligned with his recent thematic focus on Climate, Community, Commonwealth, and Culture, the Campaign for Wool assumes heightened relevance in addressing contemporary challenges such as climate change and plastic pollution. King Charles’ longstanding advocacy for wool underscores its importance in safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Supported by stakeholders worldwide, including farmers, designers, brands, and retailers, the Campaign for Wool is set to unveil innovative initiatives and collaborations during Wool Month in October 2024. These efforts aim to amplify wool’s visibility and significance in sustainable practices, further cementing its role in mitigating environmental degradation.