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Bared Footwear Takes Big Step with Debut U.S. Store Opening in New York City

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Australian footwear brand Bared Footwear has ventured beyond its native shores, marking a significant milestone with the launch of its inaugural U.S. store in the heart of New York City. Situated on Spring Street in the vibrant SoHo neighborhood, this brick-and-mortar location signifies a bold move for the brand after years of success in Australia.

Founder and owner Anna Baird expressed excitement about the expansion, emphasizing the strategic decision to tap into New York’s bustling urban landscape, renowned for its pedestrian culture. With a growing base of U.S. customers, primarily through online channels, Baird sees the store as a pivotal step in Bared Footwear’s global growth trajectory.

Crafted by Turnkey & Bespoke and designed by Ryann Swan Design, the store boasts an inviting ambiance, incorporating natural materials and lush greenery to create a relaxed shopping experience. Featuring an extensive selection of footwear for both men and women, including an exclusive preview of the upcoming 2025 summer collection, the store aims to captivate New Yorkers with its blend of style and comfort.

In line with its commitment to customer satisfaction, Bared Footwear offers a personalized fitting process for every pair of shoes purchased, ensuring optimal comfort and support. With plans to expand further, including a forthcoming store in New Zealand and ambitions to reach Los Angeles, the brand is poised to leave a lasting impression on the global footwear scene.

Founded in 2008 by Baird, a podiatrist-turned-entrepreneur, Bared Footwear stands out for its innovative design, featuring biomechanical footbeds and hidden support elements that prioritize foot health and cushioned comfort. As the brand takes its first steps onto American soil, it aims to win over discerning New Yorkers with its commitment to style, quality, and well-being.