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Amour Vert Unveils Vibrant Rebrand and Headquarters Relocation to Los Angeles

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Amour Vert, the premium American womenswear brand known for its sustainable ethos, has announced an exciting rebranding initiative alongside the relocation of its headquarters from San Francisco to the bustling fashion hub of Los Angeles.

The rebranding effort signifies a pivotal moment for Amour Vert, reflecting its dedication to ethical fashion, premium quality, and sustainability. Dominique Mikolajczak, CEO of Amour Vert, expressed enthusiasm for the brand’s refreshed identity, emphasizing its commitment to engaging customers in new and innovative ways while maintaining a focus on eco-conscious alternatives.

Partnering with global design agency Malherbe Paris, the rebrand introduces a fresh logo and brand identity, blending classic style with a renewed emphasis on environmental responsibility. The brand’s small batch production, use of low-impact materials, and partnership with responsible suppliers underscore its dedication to sustainability.

In addition to the rebrand, Amour Vert’s relocation to Los Angeles aims to enhance its presence in the fashion industry and strengthen connections with talent and resources. By securing a space in The New Mart, a renowned venue housing contemporary clothing showrooms, Amour Vert seeks to immerse itself in the vibrant fashion scene of Southern California.

The brand’s new store design mirrors its online aesthetic, blending French sophistication with Californian vibrancy. With a focus on simplicity, femininity, and natural shades inspired by the California landscape, Amour Vert’s retail spaces aim to offer customers a seamless and immersive shopping experience.

Hubert de Malherbe, CEO and founder of Malherbe, highlighted the importance of maintaining innovation and sustainability in the fast-paced world of fashion. The partnership with Amour Vert aims to seamlessly integrate the brand’s rebranding efforts with its physical and digital expressions, ensuring a modern and cohesive brand experience.

Amour Vert’s rebranding and headquarters relocation mark a significant step forward for the brand as it continues to lead the charge in sustainable fashion and redefine the premium lifestyle market.