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Adele breaking records again with her latest album, 30

The British singer is no stranger to breaking records with her albums and her latest one is off to a great start.

Adele’s latest album, 30 is already breaking sales records onlyu days after its release. The new album has now outsold every other album that has been released in this calendar year in the United States. The album sales numbers that combine vinyl record sales, CDs, as well as downloads has now put her latest instalment ahead of Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’ album that had the top spot before Adele took the lead.

30’ has now sold about 575,000 copies on its third day since release putting safe distance between it and Taylor Swift’s project which had top spot having sold 462,000 copies this year. This album is already toeing the path of the British singer’s past work which always outsells everything before it. The album also looks set to beat the impressive ABBA first week sales record that was being celebrated not too long ago.

Adele’s album which chronicles events surrounding her dissolved marriage and how it affects her and her son has captured the heart of audiences all over the world and reinforces her claim prior to its release that there will always be space for her kind of music in the industry and the numbers she is now racking up makes good on that claim.

Due to the album being less than a week old, the successes being recorded are not yet reflecting on the charts. That will not be the case next week at which point it will probably be a disruptive force on the charts going by the numbers it is already racking up. Swift’s chart-topping re-recorded album will only have the grace of the next few days before giving way to the inevitable Adele going by this week’s sales numbers.

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