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Absolut and Copy Lab’s Collaboration Challenges AI-Generated Beauty Standards

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Absolut and Copy Lab have collaborated to confront the entrenched bias in AI-generated fashion representations, aiming to challenge outdated stereotypes and foster a more inclusive portrayal of beauty standards. Research reveals that 90 percent of AI-generated content, particularly in fashion, reflects biases ingrained in the data it’s trained on, perpetuating and amplifying existing inequalities.

To address this issue, Absolut and Copy Lab utilized 10,000 diverse image prompts to train an AI algorithm, resulting in a collection of bold fashion images showcasing a spectrum of gender fluidity, ethnicity, age, and body types. These images will be featured in the upcoming edition of Copy Magazine, the world’s first printed AI fashion magazine, and will also be accessible for free use on Unsplash, a stock image platform.

Debasree Dasgupta, Absolut’s global vice president of marketing, expressed the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, stating, “Absolut has long championed inclusivity, fluidity, and diverse representation. Our partnership with Copy Lab reflects our dedication to confronting bias in AI, aiming to foster a more equitable and inclusive technology that positively impacts individuals and communities worldwide. We hope this collaboration serves as a catalyst for others to join this mission, recognizing that addressing bias in AI is a collective endeavor.”