1. Purpose comes before marriage.
Discover Your Purpose before marriage. Ask God about His purpose and plan for your life. Go To School Or Learn A Trade. Don’t wait for a man before you start living. No man wants to marry a liability. Add value to yourself and men will queue to ask your hand in marriage.

2. Do not run after a man because of his money, cars, connection, position, talent, or family background. These are not what determine the happiness and success of your marriage. Marry a man base on the conviction of the Holy Spirit and Love. If he doesn’t have much today, that does not make him poor. look at what drives him not what he drives.

3. Develop a healthy eating habit. Don’t be too fat that single men begin to think you are married with children. No man will like to marry a woman visitors will take for their mothers. Watch your weight. Eat less, exercise and join a fitness club to slim down if you are too fat. Sometimes ago, a sister was so fat that single men called her Madam. I counselled her to work on herself. Today she’s married with children!

4. Dress well: First Impression counts. Do not dress to seduce men. They will only see you as a sex partner and not a Marriage partner. Don’t expose any of your private part for men to see otherwise you will only attract a player not a responsible man for marriage.

5. Do not beg or force a man to marry you. Any relationship that is gotten by begging must be maintained by begging. You are too precious to do that. And don’t try to hook and keep a guy with sex or unwanted pregnancy. Many ladies who foolishly do that end up in shame and regrets

6. Your character is your marriage. It makes a man want to spend the rest of his life with you. So Work on your character. Beauty is not everything. If it is all you have, you’ll lose your place to someone more beautiful and more matured than you. So Don’t be carried away by your beauty. Have you not seen beautiful ladies that are still single till date because they lack good characters? Your good characters make you more attractive. Be an asset! Serve God.

7. Never fail to learn how to cook good food. Be a good cook, learn how to cook something nice. Some ladies can only cook noodles, very bad.
Please note that no matter how beautiful you are, you must cook for your family. It wont be nice if your family eat out all the time because you are a bad cook. Knowing how to cook is not a gift, it is something that can be learnt. Men usually love a woman who feed them with good food

8. Never fail to read at least 20 Christian books on marriage before your wedding{Starting with your Bible}. The marriage you don’t prepare for will confuse you when you get there. Attend single and married seminar and pre-marital counselling before marriage.

9. Respect your man if you are in a relationship. In fact don’t marry a man you are too proud to respect. No man likes to be abused or insulted. Don’t look down on him or talk to him like a baby. Be humble and kind. Don’t be arrogant. Respect him and his family members.

10. Do not compare him with your EX. No one is perfect. Get committed to your relationship. Forget about the past, you are now a new creature in Christ, old things have passed away. And don’t punish him because another man broke your heart! All men are not the same! A man who fears God doesn’t hurt or break people’s heart! If he loves you, give him a chance and he may be the best thing that ever happened to you.

11. Don’t be stingy! Love gives. Do not always be at the receiving end, buy him something, no matter how little it is, whether he has thousands of it, just buy it, yours is unique. Be industrious, men like ladies with industrious mind.

12. Communication is the life of a blissful relationship. Without effective communication, no relationship can survive. So Create time to be together with someone you love so that both of you can talk. Talk about God, your vision, your plan for the future, your wedding, your marriage, your health, your genotype, your family, your unborn children, your finance, etc. Call him when you have credit, don’t be a chronic flasher’. don’t always wait for him to call.

13. Avoid a time waster. Look out, if he is a time waster or he is for real. Define your relationship to avoid wasted time and regret. If Marriage Isn’t The Goal, Don’t Waste Your Time In The Relationship. Let No One Hold You Down For No Reason

14. Are you in a relationship with a man with questionable characters? What you can’t change in him now that you are dating, am sorry in marriage you won’t be able to change it either, or you will spend the rest of your life trying to change him. If you think you can’t live with his bad habits in case he doesn’t change, it is better you stay away from the relationship.

15. A man who shouts at you or threatens to beat you during courtship is not fit to be your husband. If he punches you at every slightest misunderstanding… Sorry, when you marry him, your bedroom will be a “changing room” and your sitting-room a “boxing Ring”. Run for your life. Marry a man who treats you like his queen and is committed to be the love of your life.

16. Never Live with a man you are not married to. If you must live together, then get married. Cohabitation is a dangerous game. It is ungodly. Place value on yourself and don’t settle for less.

17. Sex is not love and love is not sex. Premarital sex is ungodly. It devalues you. Don’t take off your panties, because he promises to marry you , take them off because he married you.

A man who demands for sex during courtship is not a lover but a sex hunter. Never allow a man to see your nakedness even if you are 100 percent sure both of you are getting married tomorrow. Honour God with your body

18. Never fail To Give Your Life To Christ Before Marriage. And never marry a man who does not have Christ. A Marriage Without Christ Is Bound To Experience Marital Crisis. Until you settle with God, Your destiny is not settled.

19. Never fail to pray before saying yes to a man. Choosing a life partner is not by selection or recommendation, it is by Revelation. Never depend on march making agents to get you a marriage partner. God is the best matchmaker. Allow Him to lead you before you make your final decision. Don’t be in a hurry to get married. If you rush in, you may rush out with a lot of injuries!

20. Above all. Ask yourself! What is GOD saying about this Relationship? Is it the will of God for me? May God open your eyes if you are already into one, and if you are still searching, God will lead you into a good relationship, in Jesus name….Say Amen!


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